David Graham White


David Graham White - Dyffryn-ITV2
David Graham White - Erdigg-BBC2

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This series of images was created in gardens around the United Kingdom. Some of the gardens photographed have been cultivated for over 800 years. I photographed the gardens using Polaroid type 55 and type 665 film, a film that is no longer in production, to produce a black and white negative. This negative was then mounted on to a glass holder much like the ones used in an analogue photographic enlarger and re-photographed in front of a television using a Hassleblad digital camera. The duration of the exposure combined with the depth of field allow the colours from the television to combine with the composition of the negative in beautiful surprising ways. The resulting images are truly a hybrid of traditional and contemporary technologies. Each image is titled based on the garden in which it was photographed followed by the television channel that was being watched during the digital exposure.