Kelly Grace


Red Shades
Kelly Grace - Red Shades
B. Side
Kelly Grace - B. Side
Cameo G.
Kelly Grace - Cameo G.
G. Shades
Kelly Grace - G. Shades
Miss D
Kelly Grace - Miss D
Date Night
Kelly Grace - Date Night
Roller Derby
Kelly Grace - Roller Derby
Boy on Bike
Kelly Grace - Boy on Bike
Pinup 2
Kelly Grace - Pinup 2
Pinup One
Kelly Grace - Pinup One

Toronto artist Kelly Grace studied Interpretive Illustration at Sheridan College. It was there where she developed the painting and drawing styles she uses today. At the end of her three years at Sheridan Grace decided to explore fine art instead of going the illustration route. Her major influences include Norman Rockwell, Vermeer and F.H. Varley to name a few. Grace has been showing professionally for the past four years at local art fairs and galleries. Her works are owned by many clients throughout the city and the US.