Mahmood Popal



Mahmood was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the age of two his family escaped during the early part of the Russian invasion. They then moved to Pakistan briefly before relocating to Deli, India. After five years in Deli, his family decided to move to Canada seeking a better life in the western world. They briefly settled in Winnipeg and then made a final move to Toronto. Having the chance to grow up amidst such diverse cultures has given Mahmood a colourful and distinguished outlook on the world around him.


At the age of seventeen Mahmood moved away from home and ventured to Seoul, Korea for six months and London, England for a year. During this time, he was an assistant to a fashion photographer. This period of time gave him the chance to become acquainted with the world of fashion, improve his photography and composition skills and learn how to run a multi-faceted photography business. While attending university, at the Ontario Collage of Art and Design Mahmood focused on a multidisciplinary education combing fine art and design. 


Mahmood’s most recent work explores fictitious interactions between different walks of life. The canvas is used as a stage where various conversations and stories play out. Mahmood currently resides in Toronto developing his design and art practice.