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Festival of Smalls: Groupings II

Here are a few more examples of groupings, with new smalls work.

Staff Spaces (Lisa): In the Living Room, Revisited

I often like to switch around the art I have. A new context brings new life and appreciation to the piece, the room, and ultimately, to my happiness. There’s no better feeling than rediscovering an old favorite , or noticing a detail of a painting you never noticed before – now that it’s in better [...]

Staff Spaces: My Study

Earlier this month I decided to makeover the middle bedroom in my house into a study, since I was starting my Masters in Art History. As a student on a budget, I had to be thrifty and creative. I spent $50 on a can of white paint, covered an old arm chair, salvaged some old stools from [...]

My Roommate: Michael Revil Madjus

Michael Revil Madjus is a Product Designer and Marketer for imm Living, a design company in Toronto that marries “functionality with a playful sensibility.” Aside from being exceptionally creative, Michael is the type of roommate a girl dreams of: super neat, wildly entertaining, and helps me pick what heels to wear for a night out. His [...]

Client Profile: Laily Uster

Client Profiles: In the Bedroom

Client: Laily Uster    Designer: Tara Fingold Client: Joanna Track     Designer: Teresa Track

Designer Profile: John Barnwell

John Barnwell, of J. R. Barnwell Design, Inc., welcomed me into his gorgeous home only three months after moving there. As I wandered through his rooms, I was stunned to find everything in perfect order so quickly after his move, including art up on the walls. John is an avid collector of art, and a [...]

Staff Pics: Boys’ Rooms

Graphic and playful artworks animate the walls in Lisa and Shira’s sons’ bedrooms. Animal and transportation themed pieces and bright abstract works create a wonderful environment for homework and play. (And play we did. After shooting Shira’s house early this week I found myself losing terribly to her son in an intense toy car racing game…) Shira’s [...]

Staff Pics: Over the Couch