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My Roommate: Michael Revil Madjus

Michael Revil Madjus is a Product Designer and Marketer for imm Living, a design company in Toronto that marries “functionality with a playful sensibility.” Aside from being exceptionally creative, Michael is the type of roommate a girl dreams of: super neat, wildly entertaining, and helps me pick what heels to wear for a night out. His [...]

Designer Profile: John Barnwell

John Barnwell, of J. R. Barnwell Design, Inc., welcomed me into his gorgeous home only three months after moving there. As I wandered through his rooms, I was stunned to find everything in perfect order so quickly after his move, including art up on the walls. John is an avid collector of art, and a [...]

Client Profile: Steffanie and Garvin Brown

Late October, I spent ten days in London immersed in an intense cultural adventure. I found refuge sipping tea with Lisa’s sister, Steffanie Brown, in her gorgeous Notting Hill flat. Despite the distance, Steffie & Garvin have built up a solid collection of work from Canadian artists. I personally adore Toronto artist Lizzie Vickery’s large photograph of [...]

Client Profile: Heather Sable and Peter McClelland

It is incredibly refreshing to witness how certain clients view art as an essential part of their everyday lives. Heather and Peter’s passion for art and collecting challenges the notion of art as the “finishing touch” in the decorating process. Paintings are the main focus in their home, and with tons of artworks in storage, [...]