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In honour of our 21st annual Festival of Smalls, we present here a collection of small work in the context of our own homes, and those of our clients and friends. Join us this Saturday at 10am for the opening reception!
Richard Herman has been with Art Interiors since the very beginning, so it was particularly thrilling to see the space where his serene landscapes and meditative abstracts are realized. His studio is small but inviting. In his words: “I've worked in this space for 15 years, so it is well worn and feels like home.”
We are always telling clients that moving around artwork in their homes is a great way to breath new life into their collection. This holiday season, I decided to practice what I preach. As a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations made their way into our main space, my roommate and I decided to do some rearranging to make it all work together.
Last Friday I headed out with Lisa to document one of her oldest friend's art collection. Lisa and Janice have known each other since they were sixteen years old, and Janice has been a devoted client of Art Interiors since the very beginning. It was thrilling to see the variety of artists in her collection, spanning the history of the gallery, including her most recent acquisition: Erin Rothstein's Kiss from this years Festival of Smalls.
Michael Revil Madjus is a Product Designer and Marketer for imm Living, a design company in Toronto that marries “functionality with a playful sensibility.” Aside from being exceptionally creative, Michael is the type of roommate a girl dreams of: super neat, wildly entertaining, and helps me pick what heels to wear for a night out. His keen eye for design is a major bonus. Michael thoughtfully houses a number of works from my overflowing art collection in his carefully curated space.