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Sarah and her husband have been collecting art for over two decades, a time period that has seen the birth of their children and a major move.
Though the artworks in Randie and David's collection are diverse in medium (ranging from painting, photography, printmaking and mixed media), they tend to lean towards the contemporary.
Cathy Thomas shares her home with husband Jon Dyck, nine year old daughter Sydney, and three year old twin boys Jack and Lucas. A few notes on their design aesthetic and art collection:
John Barnwell, of J. R. Barnwell Design, Inc., welcomed me into his gorgeous home only three months after moving there. As I wandered through his rooms, I was stunned to find everything in perfect order so quickly after his move, including art up on the walls. John is an avid collector of art, and a strong believer in trusting intuition when choosing what pieces to live with. As he gave me a tour of his collection, what resonated most was that each piece had a narrative that would draw you in, whether it was the life story of the artist, or the tale of the gem he discovered on one of his travels.