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Staff Spaces: My Study

Earlier this month I decided to makeover the middle bedroom in my house into a study, since I was starting my Masters in Art History. As a student on a budget, I had to be thrifty and creative. I spent $50 on a can of white paint, covered an old arm chair, salvaged some old stools from [...]

Client Profile: Judy Diamond

The glamorous Judy Diamond unveils the major vignettes of art in her elegant home. It was a thrill to document her collection and thoughtfully curated space. Here are the highlights.

Designer Profile: John Barnwell

John Barnwell, of J. R. Barnwell Design, Inc., welcomed me into his gorgeous home only three months after moving there. As I wandered through his rooms, I was stunned to find everything in perfect order so quickly after his move, including art up on the walls. John is an avid collector of art, and a [...]

Staff Spaces: In the Kitchen (Lisa)

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Fine art in the kitchen serves to increase the soulfulness of the room where so many hours are spent.  Lisa’s cozy, bright space is a perfect example. Art and food – together at last! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen- cleaning that is…nice to have some [...]