Ilyana Martinez


under $250

"My work reflects the environment in which I live, a fusion of two contrasting worlds. The natural realm is alive with endless growth, sprouting seeds, clinging roots, plants, and dirt. The environment of the city is a fabricated one, of structures, wires, grids, concrete, and geometry. In the paintings, organic and constructed shapes emerge and dwell beside and within one another to form imagined spaces, where budding cities hinge as fragile structures. Minute networks cluster and attach themselves to plants, while populations scatter among rivers of invented maps. Nature refuses to die, and the built world comes alive, as one fuses with the other. While walking in the city, its parks and ravines, I observe and collect sensations from the spaces around me. These encounters with the environment appear in the shapes and lines of paintings that are intuitively created. Simple forms of seeds and rocks fascinate me with their microcosmic worlds, while the complexity of urban life draws me to imagine alternate possibilities. The paintings are remnants of a dialogue with my surroundings."