Rita Vindedzis


under $250

Rita paints in her home/studio in downtown Toronto, Canada. A versatile artist, Rita does not limit her creativity to one style and moves from one dynamic series of paintings to the next. With her present focus on abstraction the artist states “This series of paintings is a journey into my imagination. As an introvert my inner world is where I’m always most at home. With paint on canvas or paper, I escape into a place of beauty and magic. Each painting consists of layer upon layer of acrylic paint, sometimes with the addition of other media such as graphite, wax crayon, china marker, house paint, collage papers. These works are intuitive in nature: as I work I combine spontaneity with intention to create a pleasing harmonious balance.”

Her artwork has appeared in Canadian House and Home Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, Décor Magazine, on national television programs including CityLine, Design Inc. and Designer Guys, and is found in numerous private and corporate collections.