Roberta Murray


under $250

Roberta Murray is an Alberta based visual storyteller. Since she was able to hold a pencil, she has occupied her time with drawing and painting. Photography entered the mix as a child as well. She went on to study photography and the fibre arts, but the storyteller in her led her back to pencil and paintbrush.

Murray’s work reflects her passions, dreams and desires regardless of the medium she works in. Birds, wildlife, flora, and the human experience – though not necessarily in terms of reality, are all explored in her work.

Life is far too serious, so for Murray, art acts as an escape, giving her the freedom of discovery, play, learning, and make believe. The resulting works take the viewer along on this journey where they can enter a world filled with whimsy, kindness, and innocence.

Murray is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her work hangs in private and public collections around the world.