Susan McLean Woodburn


under $250

McLean Woodburn was raised, and has lived, in Toronto, the Cobourg/Grafton area, as well as Georgian Bay-Pointe au Baril; and many of her paintings-in oil and acrylic-take inspiration from these locations. Her lyrical style is unique and individual; yet evokes a timeless Canadian idyll. Her skaters, bathers, angels and dancers are studies of movement and light, capturing "joie de vivre"- the joyful exuberance of life. Her work is included in numerous private collections across Canada and around the world.

“Winter is a favourite season - being born in December must have influenced that...I have a feeling I entered this world on a snowy day. I love the's pristine beauty, the wonderful, crisp freshness of the air - as well as the quiet - you find only in winter.”- S.M.W.