Inside the Artist's Studio: Christopher Hayes

Christopher Hayes is known for his Canadian urban landscapes, which draw inspiration from people and places. His flat sculpture work is a mix of recycled wood, metal, and resin. These contrasts in materials play to the connection between the past and present.

Hayes, on his most recent project:

Earlier this year I came up with the idea of doing a show in my neighbourhood Parkdale since it is actually where I get a lot of my artistic inspiration. The Parkdale show consists of 6 stores featuring my work in their windows. I enjoyed connecting with the storeowners, and hearing about how they too have been inspired by the neighbourhood. Parkdale has such a great vibe. It is eclectic, authentic and so alive. People own it and there is this easy acceptance of each other's differences. To me, that is a quality of life that is exceptional and priceless. That freedom of expression and acceptance is something I connect with as a person, as an artist, and as a Canadian.

Hayes' partner, poet and artist Mary Elizabeth Grace, on living and working in the same space:

I loved the creative challenge of making our small studio apartment come together as both an inspiring workspace and home. Placing large art pieces high and having a number of pieces hanging from the ceiling really helped emphasize the height and breath of the space. A fresh coat of white paint on the exposed brick and walls also added to the sense of space and worked as the perfect backdrop for each of us to display our artwork. Fortunately, the contrast in our styles actually complements each other, and having our art up allows us to keep grounded in our own aesthetics. Vintage glass, wood and metal (materials which we both love) help to divide the living and working space. I completely understand when people say designing and decorating their space is their art. I love the challenge of bringing together the poetics and pragmatics of a space.
Inside the Artist's Studio: Christopher Hayes