tag: girls' bedrooms

At Art Interiors, we talk to clients about how switching up the art in our homes, and creating different groupings, brings new life to a space. Here are a few before and afters of Shira's kitchen, dining room, and daughter's room.
Entrepreneur and author, Joanna Goodman, recently moved into a beautiful new home with her husband and two children, and already her space exudes an atmosphere of prettiness and refinement. Joanna is the owner of Au Lit Fine Linens, and thus it was not surprising to find that the beds were all showroom perfect, and each room was impeccably styled. Especially engaging were her children's rooms, replete with toys, collections, and whimsical objects.
Last Friday I headed out with Lisa to document one of her oldest friend's art collection. Lisa and Janice have known each other since they were sixteen years old, and Janice has been a devoted client of Art Interiors since the very beginning. It was thrilling to see the variety of artists in her collection, spanning the history of the gallery, including her most recent acquisition: Erin Rothstein's Kiss from this years Festival of Smalls.
Remember designer Lori Abrams Lewis? Well, she moved into a fabulous place and gave it a fresh contemporary look. On Monday I went to check it out and document her art collection in her new space.
This client and art lover painted all her walls white, allowing her collection to stand out.