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At Art Interiors, we talk to clients about how switching up the art in our homes, and creating different groupings, brings new life to a space. Here are a few before and afters of Shira's kitchen, dining room, and daughter's room.
I love when my work and social life collide, like one summer afternoon in August when freelance author, writer, editor, and (full disclosure) my dear friend, Vanessa Farquharson, let me stop by to take some photographs of the home she shares with her husband (and also my dear friend) Jacob. In between sipping lemonade and catching up, I documented the vignettes of their house that have remained despite the house being in a state of transition; remnants of a recently flooded basement occupied their dining space, and her office (which she has aptly named “the officery”)
I could have spent the entire day talking to the charming designing duo Andrew Bottecchia and Hal Eisen, of Bottecchia Artistic Group Inc., when I visited them at their stylish penthouse last week. It was inspiring and refreshing to experience a space so dominated by art and see a collection replete with portraiture. While I slowly absorbed the works, the two passionately discussed the origins of individual pieces and their interactions with the artists and dealers. Hal, having been a collector of art since his teens, quickly passed on his addiction to Andrew when the two met.
Last Friday I headed out with Lisa to document one of her oldest friend's art collection. Lisa and Janice have known each other since they were sixteen years old, and Janice has been a devoted client of Art Interiors since the very beginning. It was thrilling to see the variety of artists in her collection, spanning the history of the gallery, including her most recent acquisition: Erin Rothstein's Kiss from this years Festival of Smalls.
Remember designer Lori Abrams Lewis? Well, she moved into a fabulous place and gave it a fresh contemporary look. On Monday I went to check it out and document her art collection in her new space.