Anna Church


Anna Dalton Church combines two creative techniques in such a way to create her signature artistic expression - Sculptography.

Church's work is a brilliant and unique composition of objects that are meticulously arranged, giving birth to a sculptural form. Bittersweet nostalgia, humour, social is all eloquently captured through the lens of the camera, producing an image that teases and tricks the eye. Nothing is as it first appears.

Church starts her creative process with a concept and through the collection and arrangement of objects and collation of ideas, re-identifying the unconventional by transforming them into another form that resonates with her audience.

Church often uses satire to gently push the conversational boundaries taking care not to offend. Her ultimate goal is to honour aesthetic beauty, to captivate and encourage conversation by creating art that is accessible and relatable but with just the right touch of provocation.

Church started her career as a Graphic Designer and freelance Photographic interior Stylist, both which enabled her to explore and invent her unique style. Since then, Church has built an acclaimed reputation as an independent artist, coming to Canada from New Zealand in August 2012 and immediately establishing herself in the Toronto art scene. Church continues to attract recognition from private collectors and invitations to participate in events and is often commissioned to work her artistry magic for commercial and editorial campaigns.

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