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Valentines Day Gift Guide! 5 Reasons art makes the best gift: 1. It's unique and personal! 2. Art lasts forever 3. Every time the recipient looks at it they are reminded of you 4. It is a thoughtful present that shows you know your partner 5. You can inscribe the back with a special message for your loved one
It's here...our $500 and under show! The ‘big sister show’ to the Festival of Smalls All original, exclusive series, MEDIUM sized artworks are $100- $500 June 5th-26th Show will go live ONLINE Saturday at 10am, June 5th Don't miss it!
Opening day of the Festival of Smalls is traditionally our busiest day of the year, with hundreds of people coming through the gallery to view and buy original pieces as gifts for themselves or others. It's full of energy and is quite frenetic at times (if you've experienced it!). This year, we'll have a different opening day, of course, that keeps everyone safe and happy :)
Robert Berlin's recent photographic series of Japan contemplates passages through stillness and silence and being in the moment, which is central to the philosophy of Shintoism, the practice of Haiku and the concept of Shinrinyoku (forest bathing).
At Art Interiors, we talk to clients about how switching up the art in our homes, and creating different groupings, brings new life to a space. Here are a few before and afters of Shira's kitchen, dining room, and daughter's room.