Client Profile: Alex and Geoff

Alex and Geoff have prioritized art in their lives, as evident in each room in their home. Their house revolves around their art collection. Architecturally, the rooms were built around major works, such as the large ostrich painting by Lamont that confronts you in their living room and acts as a focal point and conversation piece. Certain works however never have a fixed location. Alex and Geoff will move pieces around their home, channeling the Art Interiors belief that a change in context often breaths new life into a collection and space. Most transient are the two Melencio pigeons which travel around the living room, finding themselves in new locations daily.

Also important to the two is fostering a love of art in their children, and they have exposed their son and three daughters to contemporary art at a young age. It is no wonder that each child has a painting by Jennifer Wigmore hanging in their bedrooms.