Designer Profile: Tamara Robbins Griffith

Last Sunday morning I made my way to a loft in the west end, home to Edward Griffith and Tamara Robbins Griffith, Managing Editor of Style at Home. While I cradled their eleven week old kitten, Winston, in my arms, Tamara gave me a tour of their chic and cozy home. Her passion for art and design is evident in every detail of their stylish space.

Registering at Art Interiors when Edward and I got engaged was the best decision we ever made. At a time in our lives when spending money on art was not a priority, we were able to begin a collection of beautiful pieces by Canadian artists that added so much personality to our home.
As a designer, I am drawn to all the different elements in artwork; texture, colour, motifs, mood. And it all kind of comes together in an indescribable, visceral way. At the last Festival of Smalls, I was torn between two pieces by David Lee (a birthday gift for my husband) and there was one that I just loved. Something about the marshmallow-like white paint swooping through it. I actually felt that there were other pieces by him that might have been "better" or more suited to our decor, but it totally grabbed me.
Initially, we were very drawn to nature. So our first few pieces were of trees (Rita Vendedzis, Andy Maclean, etc) and birds, but we certainly aren't into one style exclusively. I think both of us are really drawn to modern stuff right now. Next on my list is hopefully a Dionne Simpson!
It is a challenge buying art as a couple, like anything else. But we successfully decorated our condo together and you just find the middle ground. In a gallery like Art Interiors, there is going to be tons of stuff I like that he doesn't like, and tons of stuff that he likes that I don't like. But in the end, you will find stuff you both love.

In the entrance: Andy Maclean.

"With Rita Vindedzis’ birch tree painting, we brought it home to try out. And then we just knew we couldn’t take it back. I was intimidated by the tall and lean shape of the canvas, but now I love it."

Natalie Wei

Graeme Coxon (top, middle) and Amber Albrecht (right).

In the study: Ric Santon (left, on shelf).

Emilie Rondeau

Uncertain as to where to hang their David Lee, Tamara temporarily displays it in a main space so they can appreciate it until it finds a permanent home.