tag: mahmood popal

I had the great pleasure of visiting Danielle again, but this time it was at her live/work space that she shares with her partner, artist/industrial designer Mahmood Popal. Their space exudes creativity and is filled with works of art, art supplies, sculptures, books, antiques, heirlooms and found objects. There was so much to talk about that I could have spent the whole night in the company of these two laid-back, talented, and prolific artists.
Late October, I spent ten days in London immersed in an intense cultural adventure. I found refuge sipping tea with Lisa's sister, Steffanie Brown, in her gorgeous Notting Hill flat. Despite the distance, Steffie & Garvin have built up a solid collection of work from Canadian artists. I personally adore Toronto artist Lizzie Vickery's large photograph of London in miniature - the focal point of their living room. You would hardly notice the rainy London days in their cheerful space, filled with colourful, contemporary pieces.